Jon Marquez

Jon Marquez is a Catholic Lifestyle photographer.  Jon's Catholic world view permeates  his work, what photographs, and how he photographs.  He Photographs everything Catholic from Engagements and Weddings, to baptisms, confirmation, the Sacred liturgy, or just lay members and religious going out and serving the community. He does this in order to beautifully represent God's Love to the rest of the World.

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Can you tell me more about yourself?

I sure can!  Life story in 2 paragraphs or less. I'm the youngest of two. I was very artistic growing up, spending my days sketching comic book characters, and even going to gifted and talented grammar school for visual arts.  I  attended Seton Hall University to study Nursing. It was there that I rediscovered by faith in the daily masses on campus and meeting my Fiancé at a Intro to Oil Painting Class. Between graduation and finding my first Nursing job worked odd jobs and volunteered as a catechist at the local Parish. I have been working as a Registered Nurse in New York and New Jersey since 2011. As a nurse I'm able to care for others, and support families in difficult times. I'm also used to being on my feet all day doing 12 hour shifts and having to think critically all day which translates well for all day photography gigs. My Nursing schedule is such that I'm on shift 3-4 days a week, which has allowed me the time and flexibility pursue this passion.

So How Did you Get into Photography?

Funny you should ask.  I've always been a go big or go home kinda guy and never cared much for having a point a shoot camera. I Just wanted a big full frame DSLR and for the longest time thought photography was a luxury outside my means. After a few years after graduation, I came across a first generation Canon 5D camera body (the original 12 megapixel full frame Canon Camera) on ebay for about 300 dollars, you can probably get them for less now and have been shooting everything ever since. The thing only went up to 1600 iso and had no fancy menus, which is probably good. I learned to photograph in a very deliberate way. I shot with a single wide aperture Prime  (non zoom) lens for long stretches without switching lenses to learn the composition of that Lens instinctively without having took through the view finder.  I watched and implemented the advice from several professionals. I started following and studying the work of photographers from all genres that I admired, seeing what angles they took, studying the lighting. I even studied the way people would process their files. I basically developed a love affair with the whole process. I took those technical lessons and combined it with what I love most which is my Catholic faith. So From my portfolio you will see the stories of faith lived out. Lives that radiate piety, joy, and service.

Since I started my Canon 5D classics have long Kicked the bucket;
I currently shoot on Canon 6D Bodies.
The Majority, about 90% of my work, is with fast prime lenses 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm. I never really found zoom lens convenient just too heavy and not fun to shoot with all day. I prefer to stay light and agile "zoom with my feet". I keep around a macro for the details and have a couple novelty lenses for fun- the Lomography Petzval Lenses comes to mind. I also keep a bunch of radio trigger speed lights on me at all times which I can bounce or use off camera.
I edit in Camera Raw/ Photoshop.



What is your Style?

(For Weddings) My style is primarily photo journalistic.  I do my research to prepare for my assignment. I prepare so I can quickly anticipate those fleeting moments. For the Vast majority of the day I document things as they happen without directing or posing subjects outside of formal portrait sessions with groups or couples. (For portraits sessions there will be more direction to create awesome images.) Otherwise I like to move about and go where the story is. I rely on fast prime lenses that leverage natural light, and I'm always looking for that interesting dynamic angle that will have a strong visual impact. When the lights go low I can easily adjust and balance both on camera bounce flash and off camera flashes for dynamic images on the dance floor.

For you Ceremony I will work with your parish/celebrant priest to be both respectful of the dignity of the Mass and capture the details of the Ceremony, the sacred Liturgy. I understand the importance of the day, but also the need to not be a distraction to priests and guests. I use no flash, I mute all sounds from my camera as much as possible and pick my spots and moments. I know the Liturgy quite well so that helps me anticipate moments and be at the right spots during key moments.

I want you to have a collection of photographs that stand the test of time. That make you relive the moments, and also make you and others (maybe even your future children) feel like they were right there in the action. I stress quality over quantity. I want to give you photos you can stop and just ponder rather than thinking "meh, its okay" and then flipping onto the next one.

What does your coverage and services include?

For weddings All day coverage. From the time day starts till the very last guest leaves I will be there for you for your big day.  I will be there as a photographer to not only capture the story of your Love for each other, but also the stories behind the story.  I will help with the planning and timeline. I will cover bridal prep, detail shots, couples portraits/first looks, bridal/grooms party group shots, the ceremony, family formals after the ceremony, and of course the dance floor photos when you let loose.

NOTE: If you want photos to include the groom/groomsmen prep and they are preparing at a separate location then you will need to add on a second shooter. Sorry I run around all over the place to tell the story from interesting angles, but I can't Bi-Locate like Padre Pio.

Additional fees if you decide you want a second shooter for additional coverage.

After the wedding, I immediately back up all the files. I select a couple highlights, edit them, give you some teasers that you can share on social media with your family. After that I go through the rest, do some culling, and apply basic edits to the keepers. From those keepers select my favorites and give them some extra attention and massaging. You will get to see your photos in an online gallery.  I will work with you on designing an album that will be a beautiful heirloom.
This can take 4-6 weeks, although sometimes less.


We like your portfolio, what is the process for booking you?

First of thank you for considering me for your Big day. If I am available for your big day, then I'd like to get to know you and your fiancé better first. You can email me or directly message me through any of my social media outlets. We can arrange for a Facetime (iphone users) or skype video conference. The Interview process is important to ensure we are a good fit and comfortable with each other. If you happen to be in the tristate area we can arrange a time to meet and do coffee or even mass and adoration together. Remember you when selecting a photographer you want to select someone who not only takes solid photos, but also someone you and your party will get a long with.